Macocha Abbys, Punkva Caves MORAVIAN KARST

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MORAVIAN KARSTProtected Landscape Area

The largest karst area in the Czech Republic  *  Over 1,100 caves
  • The Moravian Karst is one the most important karst areas in Central Europe.
  • An important feature of the northern part of the Moravian Karst is the Punkva stream which is best enjoyed during a boat trip in the Punkva Caves.
  • The Moravian Karst is highly valued for its Amateur Cave (Amatérská jeskyně) a 35km long cave system, among the largest in Europe (not open to tourists).
  • The central part of the Moravian Karst is dominated by a 12km long cave system of Rudické propadání-Býčí skála.
  • Findings from these caves (such as buffalo engravings in jeskyně Pekárna) prove the presence of early human societies and long extinct animals on Moravian territory.
  • Remnants of the earliest settlement of the Moravian Karst by the Neanderthals dating back to 120,000 years ago were found in Kůlna Cave (jeskyně Kůlna) which is a part of the Sloup-šošůvka cave system.


MACOCHA Abyss (Propast Macocha)

The deepest ”light hole” abyss in Central Europe.

A descent to its bottom has been an inseparable part of the tour around the Punkva Caves since 1914. Tourists can also admire the vast depth of the abyss from two bridges: the Upper (138 meters above the bottom), and the Lower (approx. 90 meters above the bottom). A cable car station located near the upper bridge takes tourists quickly to the entrance of the Punkva Caves. Alternatively, tourists may take a picturesque path starting at the lower bridge.

Driving distance to the Moravian Karst (Kopeček Guest House, Rájec-Jestřebí )
- Brno  25 min * Olomouc 55 min * Ostrava 110 min * Praha 120 min * České Budějovice 160 min * Plzeň 170 min 

PUNKVA Caves (Punkevní jeskyně)

A boat trip along the Punkva Stream and a spectacular view from the bottom of the Macocha abyss.
  • The Punkva Caves are a part of the Amateur Cave the longest cave system in the Czech Republic
  • The mysteries of these caves were first uncovered between 1909 and 1933 by an influential Czech speleologist group led by Karel Absolon.
  • The tour leading through massive domes and corridors rich in dripstones end at the bottom of Macocha Abyss.
  • The most breathtaking part of the subsequent boat trip is Masaryk´s dome. 
  • Once the tour is over, tourists may take the nearby cable car (the steepest Czech cable car) which climbs up to the Upper bridge of the Machocha abyss. 
  • A boat trip along the Punkva Stream is a part of the cave tour.


SLOUP-ŠOŠŮVKA Caves (Sloupsko-šošůvské jeskyně)

The largest cave open to tourists in the Czech Republic.
A maze of corridors, domes and huge underground abysses which connect the upper level with the lower one 60 meters below. The visitors´ tour showcases the best of the upper level. Visitors may choose between a shorter and longer tour.
newly open parts of the Šosůvka part can be visited even during winter (January and February). 
Three different tours are available: 
* Normal tour of the Šosůvka part of the caves
* Vintage-style tour (since 2011)
* “Become a speleologist” tour: Šošůvka part of the caves illuminated by  visitors´ torches only.
The tours have to be booked in advance (please contact Kopeček staff). The visit can be arranged for the minimum of 5 people.

Other accessible caves in the Moravian Karst:

KATEŘINSKÁ jeskyně, jeskyně BALCARKA, jeskyně VÝPUSTEK

Leaflets for all of the caves are available at Kopeček reception.
Our staff will also provide you with maps, make necessary bookings, and reccommend you the best places to see.


RÁJEC NAD SVITAVOU Chateau (Zámek Rájec nad Svitavou)

House of the Salm family * Night tours  *  Dahlia and camellia exhibitions
The classicist chateau in Rájec nad Svitavou  (former house of the renowned aristocratic family of SALM-REIFFERSCHEIDT-RAITZ) is located just  300 meters from Kopeček Guest House. The back, right and left sides of the chateau are surrounded by a romantic park with ponds. The front side overlooks a court of honour with a pond and flower pods designed in French garden style.
Rájec-Jestřebí is sometimes called “the town of DAHLIA AND CAMELLIA”
thanks to its popular exhibitions taking place at Rájec Chateau. Alternatively, the flowers are to be seen at the
chateau greenhouse and Langrovo zahradnictví (local garden centre).



Empire Chateau * Boskovice Castle Ruin * Jewish district 
Boskovice is a town with rich cultural tradition and unique sights located just a 15min drive from Kopeček Guest House.

LYSICE Chateau (Zámek Lysice)

A baroque chateau built on the place of a former rennaisance fortress * magnificent interior * unique chateau garden with a colonnade
One of the most popular sight in South Moravia located half-way between Rájec-Jestření and Boskovice.



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