Local Castles & Chateaux

Rájec nad Svitavou Chateau

The former house of the SALM-REIFFERSCHEIDT-RAITZ family * romantic park with ponds * 300 m off the guest house

The back, right and left sides of the neoclassical chateau are surrounded by a romantic park with ponds. The front side overlooks a court of honour
with a pond and flower pods designed in French garden style. The chateau is open from April to November.
Don´t forget to check out its special events such as thematic night tours, cammelia & dahlia exhibitions and much more.

Castles and chateaux around Rájec:

Boskovice Castle and Chateau

Boskovice * castle * 15 minutes driving distance from Kopeček

Lysice Chateau

Lysice * 15 minutes driving distance from Kopeček


Family-run business with 27 years of tradition (1994 - 2021)